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Motivating staff members to give and be their best can be a challenge, especially in the demanding field of healthcare. With a automated performance system in place, your organization can continue to inspire, track and develop staff goals and performance. Create a culture where employees feel valued for their contributions and more connected to their organization's purpose with continuous performance feedback through our social recognition platform. Have confidence in knowing who your best and brightest people are and ensuring that they feel valued.
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Reach your organization’s goals by helping your staff reach theirs

We understand that tracking staff performance can be a tedious and frustrating challenge. The HealthStream Performance Center™ is a cloud-based performance management system that allows healthcare organizations to focus on what’s really important—holding staff accountable for achieving their goals in a dynamic and demanding environment while also encouraging continuous development and professional growth. This tool allows individuals to be evaluated, tracked, reported, and remediated to support the organization’s goals.

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Healthcare leaders can use the Performance Center to:

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Track staff performance


Engage and retain top performers

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Encourage continuous feedback



  • Cascade Goals: Ensure alignment across the organization’s key objectives
  • Update Progress: Track and view updates on goals as they are accomplished
  • Evaluate Individually: Apply individual goals into an employee’s appraisal
  • Prepare: Build your assessment form, assign the appropriate team members, and set deadlines for participation
  • Report Progress: Track and view updates on participation
  • Build a Reflective Development Plan: Managers can send appraisal elements for further consideration and remediation by the employee


  • Obtain Instant Data: Leverage 23 pre-built reports for immediate updates on assessment activities
  • Appraisal Progress: Know the progress on every assessment for every department and manager
  • Goal Progress: Display and filter goals for employees by various demographics
  • Seamlessly Integrate: Employee Transcript, including Current Appraisals, Past Appraisals, Reflective Plans, Assigned Learning, and Completed Learning, works seamlessly with the HealthStream Learning Center

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As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Evaluating your staff and consistently providing feedback?
  • Trying to find ways to engage and retain your top talent?
  • Seeking ways to track and remediate staff performance?

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