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Does your organization need more efficient classroom training tools?

Classroom learning can be necessary to maintain a highly trained and developed staff, but it also means time away from caring for patients. Without an efficient process to record and manage attendance and without distance learning tools, your organization can waste valuable time and money while remaining vulnerable to human errors and noncompliance.

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Accurately manage classroom attendance and easily conduct distance learning courses

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We know that training is needed in order to keep up with changing regulations, protocols and procedures. However, as the need and demand for distance learning and flexibility increases, in-person classes with manual attendance-taking are less common. With HealthStream’s Classroom Management tools, you can easily and accurately record classroom attendance and host virtual classes that can be attended from anywhere.

Organizations can leverage HealthStream’s classroom management tools to:

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Support schedules and remote employees

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Easily record and manage class attendance

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Offer distance learning


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  • Completely integrated with the HealthStream Learning Center
  • Ability to manage and update different badge configurations for different facilities
  • Reporting functionality included


  • Data encrypted for security
  • Multiple scanning options to extract students’ information

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As a healthcare administrator are you…

  • Losing valuable time manually recording classroom attendance?
  • In need of a distance learning solution?
  • Seeking better ways to manage your classroom experiences?

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Find out how Classroom Management is the perfect solution for accurately managing classroom attendance and easily conducting distance learning courses.

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